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Starting on 29/8/11 a cryptic message was seen on the main menu screen of Deus Ex: Human Revolution saying:

  • 'Human Revolution – Special Message Incoming / Be Ready / 2200 GMT 29 Aug -- okM8-+Ds4Dui?lMh$Mzvm14SBqe7;G.I6=u74b?mkh-45Ki6Od+98XBpCku7'

At the alloted time this message changed to: '5-/!f/fq/xc/qy/d3/?x/t$/j#' and the ARG was born.

Further cryptic clues were released throughout the day, across different websites and services:

  • r5/ie/yp - Twitter from David Anfossi [1] DX: HR producer
  • bo/zv/3n/4h/9b/$=/=8/st/-9 - Facebook [2]
  • ad/uk/w0 - Twitter from Stephane D'Astous [3] EM manager
  • 72/m1/.4 - Twitter from Jean-François Dugas [4] DX:HR director
  • cm/n7/pg/gw/+j/#s/2a/8z/o! - Found in a picture uploaded by Jonathan Jacques-Belletête DX:HR Art Director [5]
  • o./ll/e;/6u/;6/h+/v?/kr/1i - Found on frontpage of the community website [6]

These clues were eventually solved by:

  • Using the later codes as pairs for a subsititution cipher

a/d | b/o | c/m | d/3 | e/; | f/q | g/w | h/+ | i/e | j/# | k/r | l/l | m/1

n/7 | o/. | p/g | q/y | r/5 | s/t | t/$ | u/k | v/? | w/0 | x/c | y/p | z/v

0/! | 1/i | 2/a | 3/n | 4/h | 5/- | 6/u | 7/2 | 8/z | 9/b

./4 | !/f | ?/x | ;/6 | +/j | -/9 | =/8 | $/= | #/s

  • Taking the capital letters from the original announcement 'MDDMMSBGIKOXBC' and using the substitutions to give: '' (leetspeak for BELLtower) which leads to

On that site was found a background picture full of snippets of info related to DX:HR. [7] Clicking on the Illuminati eye on a post-it note in the image made a username/password box appear.

The log-in details for this were cracked from clues hidden in the source code of the page:

  • User: Uluru - found from GPS coordinates and referencing them on google maps to what was known as Ayers Rock (Uluru is its original Aboriginal and now official name).
  • Pass: 11m13clinic (leetspeak for LIMB clinic)- found by reversing the playback of some Morse code found in a wav file that was referenced. [8]

When entered, a new image is displayed showing Adam sleeping in the pod he used while travelling to Singapore, with the text 'WHAT IS THE MISSING LINK?' [9]

  • Confirmation was received from David Anfossi that this is the end of the ARG on twitter [10]
  • Further confirmation showed up on the bottom of where '<!--XB3PK2S6L2S1B3# #II QB6 #63A2Q-->' was added to the bottom of the page source. Running that through the original substitutions gives the message 'congratulations see you on sunday'
  • The gaming news site VG24/7 claims to have a source the ARG will announce a DLC spanning the time Adam spent on the ship to the Omega Ranch facility [11]

Even with this confirmation that the ARG has ended, there remain some lingering questions:

  • A Username/Password screen reappears from the second screen on if you click on the same spot on the page as you did for the first (Possibly a website coding error)
  • Going to presents some garbled text before forwarding to [12]



















  • From looking at the source code, some of the words were set with the style tag 'ex' rather than the style tag 'deus' which the rest of the text is under. These words in different styled text spell out '13eLLtower will fall' - This could also be discovered by mousing over the text as the different style setting made those words change blue when hovered over but this was difficult to realise as the block of text only appeared for a short period before forwarding to
  • Sound files from a person called Lazarus hidden on the Sarif Industries homepage [13] and the overall look that it's been hacked by Purity First
    • Laz_001 [14]- Augmentations/Vision
    • Laz_002 [15]- Augmentations/Speed page
    • Laz_003 [16]- Sarif Industries Page (not homepage but the about the company page)
    • Laz_004 [17]- Augmentations/Durability
    • Laz_005 [18]- Augmentations/Insight
    • Steve's Basement [19] - The road to here/Links to progress/Bottom - far left
    • Crystal Balls [20] - The road to here/Links to progress/Bottom - 2nd from left, PoLLeNSKi,,, ProxyChemist

Great job =). Itachou [~talk~] 21:26, August 30, 2011 (UTC)