Čapek Fountain Station (Czech: Čapkova Kašna Nádraží) is a metro station located in Překážka district of Prague. The station is part of the Prague Metro system and is named after the nearby landmark, Čapek Fountain.

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Čapek Fountain Station is the sole means for traveling between Překážka and the districts north of the railroad.

Inside the station, the locked restricted area near the ticket booth contains minor loot, including weapons and stun gun ammunition in the security office. The server room contains a breach software and a biocell. High above the station entrance, to Adam's right side is a balcony with some neat loot. However, charged icarus dash is required to get to it.

Santeau Group representative Felice Ullmann can be seen inside the station during the first and second visits to Prague.

Capek Station 03

Annotated map of the station

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