This computer can be found in the Čerň-Zlatý shop in the Dávný District of Prague. The computer is unlocked.

E-mails Edit

Notice: Temporarily closing Edit

From: olivierberthelot@genmail.mail
To: genna@tmail.mail


I'm very sorry to give you this information at such short notice but I need to close Cern ZlatysicIcon sic for a short while due to a family emergency. I'm afraid it's quite serious so I'm not sure exactly when things will be back to normal. If you need something from the store then let me know via email or perhaps try to find me at my apartment in Dávný Obvod although I can't guarantee I'll be there.

Thank you for your understanding.


Trivia Edit

The name Čerň-Zlatý means "black gold" in Czech.

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