Map of Čistá Čtvrť showing notable locations and infrastructural features (view full size image)

Čistá Čtvrť ("pure district"), also Čistá District[1] and Prague West (as used in the "location" identifier for emails in the in-game database), is one of the district in the section of Prague north of the railroad. The district consists of Hlavní ("main") street, which includes a section that passes under the Pedestrian Bridge and runs from Monument Station to the Vltava River, the entire area west of this section of Hlavní, and a small area to the east of Monument Station called Růžičkovo Náměstí.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Compared to Překážka, Čistá Čtvrť is in relatively good condition and houses the business hub of the city.[2] Čistá ("pure") appears to convey the meaning of "non-augmented." Consistent with this meaning, park benches in this district carry the sign "naturals only."

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

Klidné Nábřeži[edit | edit source]

Klidné Nábřeži ("quiet waterfront") is the area at the northwest extremity of the map.

  • Palisade Station (Palisády Nádraží) – A metro station in the northeast part of the district. It is named after the Palisade Bank Corporation and is one of the landmarks marked in the in-game map.
  • Behind the station is a second-level apartment belonging to Marta Babik.

Hlavní[edit | edit source]

Hlavní ("main") is the major street of Čistá Čtvrť. It runs in a loop that circumscribes most of the district.

North section[edit | edit source]

  • 33 Hlavní Apartments – A modern-style apartment complex and the location of Mikael Mendel, one of the merchants in Prague.
  • A third-level apartment belonging to Anton Suchanek, directly across from 33 Hlavní. The apartment contains a trap.
  • Rose's Garden – A cafe.
  • Lilioma Courtyard Apartments.
  • Task Force 29 Headquarters/Praha Dovoz – The headquarters of the Prague division of Task Force 29 is an underground facility beneath Praha Dovoz, a shipping company serving as the storefront.
  • Sobchak Security – A store run by Aurelius Milkovich, one of the merchants in Prague.
  • A second-level apartment belonging to Milos Awadalla, near Sobchak security.
  • A plaza at the riverfront with a statue called the "Bolzano Monument," which is one of the landmarks marked in the in-game map. At the east side of the plaza is an archway leading into the Dávný District.
  • Hemingway's Fine Spirits.

East and south sections[edit | edit source]

  • A second-level apartment belonging to Cassian Valente.
  • The Pedestrian Bridge, which bridges over Hlavní.
  • The police station.
  • Monument Station (U Památníku Nádraží) – A metro station south of the Pedestrian Bridge and one of the landmarks marked in the in-game map.
  • Tourist Center, near Monument Station.
  • Praha Unneda Cleaning Supply.
  • A third-level apartment, located above Praha Unneda Cleaning Supply, belonging to Gerard Romero. This is the site of the "Good Cop Bad Cop" point of interest.

West section[edit | edit source]

  • Autodily – An auto parts and accessories store.
  • A third-level apartment, across from Autodily, belonging to Enro Gozeyn.
  • Ludvik courtyard – Kazatel is located in this courtyard during the second visit to Prague. At the back of the courtyard is the entrance to the Train Tunnels, the location of the Rave, a Neon club.
  • Negozio di Magia – A magic shop run by Liborio Barbadoro.
  • A third-level apartment belonging to Oleg Drago, near Negozio de Magia. This is the site of the "Rich Man Poor Aug" point of interest.
  • Tubehouse Electronics – An electronics store run by Percy Butler, one of the merchants in Prague.

Area surrounded by Hlavní[edit | edit source]

The area surrounded by Hlavní is the area to the west of the Pedestrian Bridge. Most of this area is on a street named Bulvár Nového Začátku ("New Beginning Boulevard").

  • Tech Noir – A store run by Costache, one of the merchants in Prague. Tech Noir is one of the landmarks marked in the in-game map.
  • Behind Tech Noir is a courtyard with one of the entrances to the Čistá Čtvrť sewers.
  • Nomad Staněk's shop.

Market Square[edit | edit source]

  • Palisade Property Bank – A bank of the Palisade Bank Corporation and one of the landmarks marked in the in-game map.
  • North of the Bank is a small street section with two storage units, one of which is in use by Vlasta Novák, and a third-level apartment belonging to Julien Bartek.
  • A fourth-level apartment belonging to Stana Tomasek, on the south side of Market Square.
  • Ludvik's Lounge

Růžičkovo Náměstí[edit | edit source]

Růžičkovo Náměstí ("Ružičková Square/Plaza") is a small area to the east of Monument Station.

  • At the east end of this area is a gateway marking marking the division between Čistá Čtvrť and Dávný District.

Čistá Čtvrť sewers[edit | edit source]

Main article: Čistá Čtvrť sewers

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Čistá Čtvrť is associated with the name "modern district," which appears in developer commentary[3] and concept art.[4] This name also appears in in-game text, although only very rarely.[5] The name "modern district" might have been the name for the district during the game's development.

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References[edit | edit source]

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