The Čistá Čtvrť sewers are an explorable underground part of Čistá Čtvrť, a district of Prague, and are part of the Prague sewers system (Prazska Kanalizace).

Western sewers 03

Annotated map of the sewers for the first visit to Prague

Western sewers 02 v2v3

Annotated map of the sewers for the second and third visits to Prague

Access Edit

The Čistá Čtvrť sewers have three entrances:

  • A manhole in the courtyard behind Tech Noir. The manhole is painted in the style of a casino chip. This entrance leads to an entrance area decorated by rugs.
  • A manhole in the courtyard near Ludvik's Lounge.
  • At the far-east part of the sewers is a broken-ceiling passage that connects to the Tourism Center. During the mission M10: Facing the Enigma, it is possible to escape to the sewers through this route.

Notably, however, the sewers do not connect to the sewers underneath the Palisade Property Bank or the bank itself.

Sections Edit

The sewers include the following notable sections:

  • Otar Botkoveli's casino, located at the eastern part of the sewers, near the entrance from the courtyard. This location is featured in the side mission SM04: The Calibrator. Once his mission is active, both Otar and his bodyguard Vano Shetekauri can be found in the casino.
  • A gas chamber, located at around the center of the sewers, used by the Dvali for conducting executions.
  • A gas-filled room located at the southwestern part of the sewers. This room is connected to the manhole entrance in the courtyard near Ludvik's Lounge. A shut-off valve for the gas is located at the bottom level.
  • A large area located at southeastern part of the sewers is being utilized by many residents as their home. The broken-ceiling passage to the Tourism Office is located at the end of the easternmost corridor connected this area.

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