Štúr Street is where Adam Jensen meets Pavla Keilmanovich in the opening scene of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s Desperate Measures DLC.

Desperate MeasuresEdit

Peter Chang sends Adam Jensen to meet Pavla Keilmanovich in a back alley of Štúr Street to investigate a lead for the bombing of Růžička Station.

Jensen discovers that Tarvos Security Services may have been involved with evidence tampering, and has the opportunity to obtain various other pieces of information from Pavla. After parting with Pavla, Jensen calls Peter Chang, who gives him access to a train going to Terminal Station, which is connected to Tarvos's Prague headquarters.


  • The Štúr Street back alley resembles the courtyard of the Lilioma Courtyard Apartments. For example, the storage units, building numbers 52 and 56, the anti-aug graffiti, and various other elements seen in the alley are identical to those seen in the Lilioma courtyard. Differences from the Lilioma Courtyard include the presence of a bench near the tree, and the lack of mailboxes to the left of the red-painted wall.
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