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Žofie Růžička was the President of the Czech Republic in 2018-2027, and also the Republic's first female president.


Born in Prague, Růžička was an intelligent and highly-educated woman, and someone who wanted to transform an old, post-Communist system. Originally a professor of economics, she went on to work in the corporate sector and joined the National Progress Party.[1]

She was elected President of the Czech Republic in 2018 in a landslide election. Under her guidance the Republic experienced an economic boom, and opened its doors to numerous technological, medical, and financial corporations. Understanding that the country needed the help of augmented workers to build the new infrastructures, her government also introduced pro-Aug reforms, such as tax breaks and fast-tracking of visas and work permits for augmented workers.[1][2]

She died during the Aug Incident in 2027, when her augmented bodyguard lost control and crashed her limousine into the Vltava river, where they both drowned.[3] Her death was a turning point for the Czech government. In the months that followed, pro-Aug representatives and the laws they had set in place were all overturned.[2] So much that by 2029, the Czech Republic has imposed strict laws against augmented people, and forces them to live in ghettos such as Útulek Complex.


  • The Růžička Station is presumably named after her, much like the real-world Prague Ruzyně International Airport being renamed Václav Havel Airport after the death of Václav Havel, the real-world first president of the Czech Republic.
  • Her surname is inaccurate, as the feminine form of Růžička would be Růžičková.