4X Scope (DXMD)

The 4x Scope (or 4X Scope) is a weapon attachment in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It's the rarest - and also the most expensive - attachment, and you'll be limited to a single scope mod during Adam's first visit.

Description Edit

The 4x weapon scope comes with a low-profile, tactical-style elevation turret. The multi-coated lenses offer maximum clarity and edge-to-edge sharpness. Its telescoping sighting device, equipped with a 4x optical magnification and crosshairs, is designed to extend the user's effective range. This attachment is compatible with most weapons on the market.

Gameplay Edit

The scope provides a moderately-magnified precision optic that can greatly assist the player in acquiring distant targets and landing accurate shots on them, effectively turning certain weapons into low-powered sniper rifles at a small loss of peripheral vision

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Adequate, but not sufficient.

Certain weapons can accept both a Holosight and a 4x Scope. When both attachments have been added to a weapon, only one of them can be toggled used at once. The weapon loadout screen can be used to toggle between the Holosight and the 4x Scope. Aiming down sight negates the main reason to fit laser sights (no bloom, bullets go precisely where the laser dot is). A typical combat rifle setup would include both the 4x scope, and a laser, so you can accurately pop bad guys with hipfire, and take aim at (somewhat distant) NPCS.

Note, however, that the 4x scope presents an inferior image, with worse zoom-in, than scopes that are 'hardwired' onto weapons to begin with, like the sniper scope seen below.
Dxmd real sniper scope

Sniper rifle scope for comparison.

Compatible weapons Edit

Several other weapons come with scopes already included.

Locations Edit

The following locations are for the main game only. For locations in DLC missions, see the respective walkthrough articles for Desperate Measures, System Rift, and A Criminal Past.


Golem City

  • Sold by Louis Gallois.
  • During the "Access the Elevator" objective, which takes place in the Ridit Station, find an industrial-size poster printer at the southwest corner of level 1. The 4x Scope is located behind the large rolls of paper.


  • Hanger 2, weapons storage closet at the shooting range.

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