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The 80-X Boxguard is a special type of security robot developed by Steiner-Bisley GmbH. It is featured in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: The Fall and appears in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The 80-X Boxguard is a powerful bot that unfolds from a cube form (hence the name) and is powered by a small radioisotope thermoelectric generator. In addition to being almost unnoticeable in standby mode, it can be dropped from a helicopter for deployment. It is slow and looks cumbersome with a mode of locomotion similar to a gorilla's, but is formidably armed with dual miniguns and side-mounted vertical missile launchers, which fire guided missiles. When defeated, it activates its self-destruct mode, exploding and damaging anything in its blast radius.

When activated from its cube form, boxguards leans to the front with the back legs to unfold them, unfolds the rear plates, then leans to its normal position with their heads, hold their bodies with the minigun "arms" to unfold their forelegs and finally raising up the minigun "arms" over their bodies. When its transformation sequence ends, they always says "entering combat" to indicate they are ready to attack.

Game appearances[]

  • In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, boxguards can be found in quite a few different areas. There is one in the FEMA camp early on in the game, one at the Belltower ambush, a pair in the Tai Yong Medical hangar, at the Docks (it's dumped through the ceiling) and one in Panchaea. Some police boxguards can be found at the anti-augmentation riots in Detroit, blocking Jensen's way and assumes combat positions if he has a weapon readied, but are otherwise friendly unless you attack them or the police.
  • In Deus Ex: The Fall, a boxguard is encountered on the rooftop of Hotel Etana. The boxguard serves as the final adversary of the game.
  • In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, a non-functioning boxguard can be found in G.A.R.M. No functional units are encountered in the game.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution[]

The Boxguard possesses several armor-plated areas on their bodies that reduces incoming damage, most notably on their arms, shoulders and legs. The unit's head also counts as armor. Because of the aforementioned armor, these units are extremely hard to destroy with raw firepower when said areas are targeted, even requiring multiple direct hits from a rocket launcher to take down.

  • EMP grenades can take down a boxguard in a single detonation, although the size of the boxguard may create confusion as to whether it is inside the blast radius. EMP mines also work, but can take as much as three mines to shut down the bot since the mine's range is wider than grenades, but otherwise has the same blast radius, effectively giving the bot a "safe distance" away from the explosion. However, in close range, EMP mines can be attached to the boxguard's armor plate, whereas grenades may bounce off if not aimed properly.
  • Often, the best way to deal with them is to sneak past them (they cannot see you if they are not facing you) and find the security console, if one is available. Once you get to the console, you can first set the bot to "Enemies" to take care of any opponents in the area, and then disable it. In a few places, you cannot disable or reprogram the bot, such as the FEMA camp, so you will have to take it down using conventional means.
  • A single fully upgraded Typhoon detonation destroys the bot (two on the highest difficulty), provided you get close enough.
  • Another thing to note is that if you are hiding under the helipad in the Tai Yong Medical hangar, and they cannot hit you, it will circumvent this feat by shifting some of its parts so the guns are below it, and go from the default movement style to moving around on wheels. You're better off using the catwalks near the ceiling or trying to hack the security console to disable them.


  • Its designation 80-X is leet for "box".
  • A notice on all boxguards says: "Robot should be moving at least every 21 days. This will maintain lube coating on vital parts and prevent damages".
  • Boxguard robots feature radiation warnings, indicating that they probably use some form of nuclear power source.

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