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A computer belonging to A. Pinkerton is located in the MJ12 Sub Base during the 12th mission in Deus Ex. The login and password are "apinkerton" and "antennapedia" respectively. This login information can be obtained by speaking to Dr. Pinkerton.


Karkian Assessment[]

From: WS//UpNet.78543.98231
To: APinkerton//UpNet.90.3834
Subject: Karkian Assessment

Your report on the aquatic capabilities of the karkian displayed definite progress; see that it continues and have the karkian embryos delivered to the OceanLab immediately. Continue to report all subsequent data concerning genetic research directly to me.


From: EPotamus//UpNet.90.2.4734.3 
To: APinkerton//UpNet.90.3834 
Subject: HElP

got to help us Adriane got to help us they're pounding on the door right now and the turrets have gone crazy.  Send someone anyone hurry for God's sake Hillary is bleeding all over and there's blood everywhere -- I think it was Ridley but I don't know why, Adriannel don't know why.  Whatever you be careful, just get someone down here fast they're almost through the door

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