A Better Life in Rabi'ah is one of the eBooks in the System Rift DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is an advertisement for Rabi'ah, a city for augmented people that is being built in Oman by the Santeau Group. The book can be found next to a homeless person in the sewers under the bridge near the Josiane Vin Du Quebec wine store.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Are you augmented?
Are you persecuted?
Are you ridiculed?
Are you suffering?
Are you punished?
Are you worried?
Are you sick?
Are you a victim of violence?
Are you down on your luck?
Are you looking for help?

Do you need hope?


Join the growing workforce of augmented people who are building a city they can call "home."

Rabi'ah will be an oasis in the desert. It all be a place for all augmented people who have experienced the difficulties of living in a world divided between "natural" and "augmented" people.

END this chapter of your live!

START a new one in Rabi'ah!

Sign up today!

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