A City Designed for You! is an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is an advertisement for Rabi'ah, a city for the augmented people that is being built in Oman by Santeau Group. The book can be found on a cupboard in Milena Epstein's room.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

We are the most technologically advanced generation in history. At an individual level, we have successfully integrated the best of this new technology into our bodies and into our lives. At a communal level, however, many of us feel out of place in our surroundings. The cities we inhabit are - at best - repositories of old architecture and old prejudice that no longer match our potential or our needs. At worst, they feel openly hostile to what we have become.

Augmented citizens across the globe recognize the need for a new kind of city. We need a new capital of progress that isn't held back by outdated design models and cynical political institutions. We need a place like Rabi'ah!
An accessible, progressive, eco-friendly metropolis shining like a beacon in the plains of Oman... It may sound like a utopic fantasy, but Rabi'ah is not a city born of dreams. Rabi'ah has been conceived and constructed by the Santeau Group out of necessity. It is the place our generation needs. It is a city designed for you!

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