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A Lasting Legacy is an eBook that appears in the DLC A Criminal Past for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is written by Penley T. Housefather, the senator that the Penley T. Housefather Correctional Facility is named after. The eBook can be found in the office 302 of the Administration building.


By Penley T. Housefather


A man is defined by his actions, his deeds. To be remembered, he should strive to make the world a better place.

I would like to think that I have done that. The great state of Arizona, and I, did not allow ourselves to be coerced or intimidated by those who renounced their humanity and polluted their bodies with these mechanical abominations.

I hope I am remembered as a man who did all he could to protect the innocent. The weak. The powerless. The people unable to defend themselves against these godless barbarians. These animals who were not content with butchering their own selves and who lashed out violently at a hapless society.

A man cannot be immortalized, but his actions may.