The Abandoned Gas Station is a location in Deus Ex. It is located somewhere in central California, specifically somewhere between the Vandenberg Air Force Base and the ruins of Los Angeles, which was sunk during a severe earthquake in 2030. After liberating the X-51 at Vandenberg, JC is sent here to rescue Tiffany Savage, who was taken hostage by Majestic 12 during an attempt to steal Universal Constructor schematics from the MJ12 Sealab. Several MJ12 Troopers, MJ12 Commandos and a Man in black hold her inside a freezer beside the gas station, and if one knows that JC is nearby, they will kill Tiffany. Three bums, one being Sandra Renton, used to live here, but were ushered out by MJ12 and now live in the street below. One of the bums, Fred, will sell the player weapon mods and a rebreather, and if the player crawls into an empty Semi Tank near the station, they can find a sniper rifle, mods, rockets, forty's and zyme.


  • According to the sign, the last gas prices before the store closed got no higher than $4.05/gallon of premium gas. In modern-day, highly-populated areas of the United States, this is hardly unheard of, as it can exceed this price in lower-quality fuels. This is strange considering that with the sad state of the world in the 2050s, gas prices should be noticeably higher than they were earlier in the 21st century. However, given the time period when the game was developed, such prices may have been considered excessive at the time.
  • A cut conversation exists in which when the player gets close to the MiB, the MiB claims that Jock's helicopter was spotted and they kill Tiffany.


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