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Deus Ex: The Fall has total of 28 achievements and 800 Apple Game Center points.

Regular Achievements[]

Name Points Description Image
Smashing Entrance 20 Perform a Takedown through a wall. DETF Achievements Smashing Entrance
Double Trouble 20 Perform a Double Takedown. DETF Achievements Double Trouble
Unstoppable 10 Destroy a locked door. DETF Achievements Unstoppable
Scavenger 10 You searched real hard and found 2000 credits hidden in the world! DETF Achievements Scavenger
Smackdown 10 One by one, they fell by your hand. You performed 25 Takedowns! DETF Achievements Smackdown
Hack the Planet 20 You successfully hacked 10 devices without using an Auto-Hack. Very L337. DETF Achievements Hack the Planet
One Shot, One Kill 20 Perform a headshot on an enemy with the crossbow. DETF Achievements One Shot, One Kill
Bomb Squad 10 Beads of sweat dripping from your forehead, you disarmed a mine! DETF Achievements Bomb Squad
Not So Human After All 30 Spend 20 praxis points on Augmentations. DETF Achievements Not So Human After All
Crunch Time 10 Eat 25 energy bars. DETF Achievements Crunch Time
Unlock the Power 30 Purchase 10 praxis kits. DETF Achievements Unlock the Power
It's Over 9000! 30 Spend 9001 credits in the store. DETF Achievements It's Over 9000!
Stopping Power 20 Fully upgrade the damage of any shotgun. DETF Achievements Stopping Power
Bye Bye, Big Brother 10 Use the stun gun to disable a security camera. DETF Achievements Bye Bye, Big Brother
I Come in Peace 30 Turn a robot against its masters. DETF Achievements I Come in Peace
Total Evasion 10 Hide from an alerted guard until he loses interest and returns to his patrol. DETF Achievements Total Evasion
Surprise Party 30 Perform a Takedown on a stunned enemy. DETF Achievements Surprise Party
Hush Little Baby 20 Naptime! You attached the tranquilizer modification to the crossbow! DETF Achievements Hush Little Baby
Tools of the Trade 20 You attached the silencer and a laser sight to one of your weapons! DETF Achievements Tools of the Trade
Packing Heat 30 Own a rocket launcher and a plasma rifle. DETF Achievements Packing Heat
Completionist 100 Complete all the Side Quests in Panama. DETF Achievements Completionist
Starting Off on the Right Foot 30 Mercifully, you completed the tutorial without killing anyone! DETF Achievements Starting Off on the Right Foot
Natural Born Pacifist 100 Complete the entirety of the game without killing anyone. DETF Achievements Natural Born Pacifist

Secret Achievements[]

Name Points Description Image
Hard Times 30 You have got a problem. You found a can of beer in the trash and then drank it.
DETF Achievements Hard Times
Bargain Hunter 50 You sly dog! You convinced Alvarez Araujo to give you a LIMB card for free! DETF Achievements Bargain Hunter
Spilling the Beans 50 You tricked the Skulls leader Diego into exposing where he is getting his Riezene! DETF Achievements Spilling the Beans
Boy Scout 25 You didn't accept a reward for helping Camila with her stalker problem! Such a nice boy! DETF Achievements Boy Scout
Piss Off Barrett 25 You challenged Barrett's critcism for sparing Kontarsky and he wasn't too happy about it. DETF Achievements Piss Off Barrett