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Adéla Sokol is a resident of Golem City in 2029. She lives in unit 000237 at the Mir Flats with her husband Dušan and his brother Tibor.


When Adam Jensen arrives at Golem City to bring in Talos Rucker, Adéla greets Adam Jensen at the Sokol residence and explains that both Tibor and Dušan have been taken by the police and are being held at a place called the "Narrows."

If Adam has the CASIE augment, he can interrupt and urge her to give more information, Adéla will note that Tibor has, in the past, been rescued through a ceiling vent that accesses his cell. This results in a "Stop The Press" bonus of 200xp. This information does not come of use, however, as Tibor will later say that there is no point to breaking out when Adam later finds Tibor.

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  • Her family name, "Sokol", means "falcon" in Slavic languages.