Aggressive Defense System is one of the nano-augmentations in Deus Ex.

"Aerosol nanoparticles are released upon the detection of objects fitting the electromagnetic threat profile of missiles and grenades; these nanoparticles will prematurely detonate such objects prior to reaching the agent."
Deus Ex description

It is the complement of Spy Drone - the player must choose one or the other when installing the augment in the Cranial slot.

Tiers Edit

  • TECH ONE: The range at which incoming rockets and grenades are detonated is short.
  • TECH TWO: The range at which detonation occurs is increased slightly.
  • TECH THREE: The range at which detonation occurs is increased moderately.
  • TECH FOUR: Rockets and grenades are detonated almost before they are fired.

Energy Rate: 10 units/minute


At level 4, any enemy using rockets, missiles or plasma weaponry against you will kill himself with his own splash damage.

If you use a Plasma Rifle don't upgrade this augmentation to level 4 because the MiB's that try to attack you with the Plasma Rifle will die to their own spash damage and explode, preventing you from taking the ammunition from their body.


  1. In New York City - MJ12 Base under UNATCO HQ. Can be found in the MJ12 laboratories. It's in a containment chamber in the room with two scientists and a Man in Black.
    • "After inventory, we have moved one augmentation canister 12C (aggressive defense/spy drone) to the Nanotech Lab where it has been placed in a suspension crate, coded 9905."
  2. In the Hong Kong VersaLife facility. The augmentation canister can be found in the Versalife magnetic testing chamber in the level 1 laboratories.
    • "Mark, We received that augmentation canister you were waiting on -- I had it put in suspension in the magnetic testing chamber, code 5878. Let me know once you get results of the test. Thanks, Dr. Lundquist" -- Datacube on Versalife
  3. In Paris. The augmentation canister can be found in the basement of Chateau DuClare.
    • "Dear Nicolette, if you examine my suspension vault you'll find an item that I had to pay quite dearly to acquire; the vault code is 1784. I don't know what use it may be, but many people are quite prepared to kill for it. I originally obtained it for Morgan and if you find yourself in trouble, he may still be willing to bargain for it. He is a calculating man, not without compassion but still dangerous. Be careful, my daughter. Beth" -- Datacube on Chateau DuClare
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