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Alcoholic drinks, including beer, wine, and spirits, are consumable items in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


Drinking alcohol recovers health at the cost of impaired vision. If health is already full, consumption will temporarily raise it above the maximum. Alcohol functions similarly to the HypoStim Injector and Painkillers, except that the health recovery or boost is lower and usage results in temporarily blurred vision.

It takes six to seven consumption of beer to fully restore Adam's life bar, as opposed to four painkillers. The only exception is the Mramor brand of beer, which requires only five cans to bring him back to full health.

It takes about five bottles of spirits to fully restore his health, with the only notable exceptions being Nye's Rye whiskey, which only requires four bottles, and Old Man's Prestige, which is equally effective, but much rarer, and far more valuable for selling.

The "drunk" effect can be canceled by triggering the Icarus Landing system, firing the Typhoon, or punching through a wall.

List of alcohol[]

Name Image Description
Svobody Beer Svobody beer DXMD item Bottom-fermented from noble hops, the king of bohemian pilsners makes you feel like you're on top of the world no matter where you are. Park bench? Underpass? No worries! Cry Freedom, Ma!... and drink Svobody.
Dai-Taiga Beer Dai-taiga beer DXMD item From the land of the rising sun. From the edge of the ring of fire. From a country that gave the world an unhealthy obsession with anthropomorphic animals. Dai-Taiga. Mmmm. Big, big flavor with no hairy after-taste.
Beekman's Brown Ale Beekman's brown ale DXMD item The brownest of the brown ales, Beekman's is brewed in the good ol' U.S. of A. Enjoy them both while you can. We've had a good run. Beekman's - Have a bit of the brown.
Changuch Pale Ale Chan guch DXMD item India's finest premium ale... A magic elixir direct from the foothills of the Himalayas. We can't promise you'll turn into an 8-armed Hindu god, but your waiter/waitress will swear you have. God ahead. Have another Changuch.
Mramor Pilsner Mramor pilsner DXMD item Mramor means marble. It's also a mountain in southeastern Europe. Oh... and I think there's a village with the same name around that area. What that has to do with beer, no one knows. MmmmmMmmMramor! It just rolls off the tongue.
Wine Wine DXMD item With flowery overtones and what some describe as an oily aftertaste, you might think this vintage has no place in a fine well cellar... But it's from Provence, so you've got to include it. Lavende de Machiniste. For show.
Akuma Shochu Akuma shochu DXMD item Don't let it's mild taste fool you. Akuma Shochu has hidden talents. Like a combination punch to the head and kick to the gut, it'll leave you screaming The devil is in the details.
Nye's Rye Nyes rye DXMD item Distilled according to W. S. Nye's original recipe, it is the first whiskey to be approved for use by astronauts in space. Why? Because Science! That's why! Just one snort and you'll think that stars are dancing with you. May or may not contain actual rye.
Old Man's Prestige Old mans prestige DXMD item You've lived a long life. Earned the right to wear your elastic-waistband pants as high as you want, to admonish inanimate objects for their disrespect for gusto. It's time to reap the reward. Lie back, have a drink, enjoy the prestige. Old Man's Prestige.
Absinthe Absinthe DXMD item Absinthe has a bad rap, man. Hallucinations? Big deal. Addition? Come on. Indolence? Dude. You can't keep a good fairy down. To paraphrase a well-known idiom - Absinthe makes the heart grow... Ah nevermind. Hand me that spoon.
Welsh Whiskey Welsh whiskey DXMD item You've taken up drinking Surly Welshman's Whiskey? Then here's a useful Welsh phrase you might be needing - 'lechyd da! Ble mae'r toiled?' And, no. We're not slurring our words from too much drink. Get the hell out of Wales.
Kylmyster Canadian Whiskey DXMD Kylmyster whiskey An everyday whiskey so smooth you'll wonder where the bottle went... Every. Day. No dulcet overtones. Just straight gravel. In fact, goes well WITH gravel, and with more benzedrine, you don't miss a precious minute of drinking time. Kylmyster whiskey. Lemme have another.


Shots can only consumed on the spot and cannot be taken into the inventory.

Name Image
Shot of Absinthe Shot of absinthe DXMD item
Shot of Welsh Whiskey Shot of welsh whiskey DXMD item
Shot of Nye's Whiskey Shot of nye's whiskey


Alcohol can be purchased at various locations

  • Teresa Petrauskas sells beer for 10 credits each. Although her store is named Svobody Beer, she sells beer of the Dai-Taiga brand.
  • Nada Birak sells spirits for 50 credits each.
  • The bartender on the street-level floor of the Red Queen sells shots of Absinthe, Nye's Whiskey, and Welsh Wiskey for 50 credits each. The dialogue options used to purchase a drink reveal that the full name of Absinthe is "Tyson's Sense Absinthe." Additionally, the shot of Nye's Whiskey is obtained from the "Nye's Rye" dialogue option.
  • Antonin Kadlek, the bartender near the balcony of of the Red Queen, sells Dai-Taiga beer for 10 credits and shots of Welsh Whiskey for 50 credits each.

Alcohol, especially beer, can be found all around the game environments.

  • Notably, a large amount of beer can be found at a second-level apartment near Koníčky & Hračky in the northwest part of the Překážka district.
  • There are over 50 cans of Mramor Pilsner scattered throughout Prague, making it the most common alcoholic beverage encountered.

Sell prices[]

When selling alcohol, Tars pays an addition +60% as compared to the other merchants in Prague.

Alcohol Sell Price
Base At Tars
Beer – All varieties 2 credits 4 credits
Wine 20 32
Spirits – Akuma Shochu 16 26
Spirits – Old Man's Prestige 31 50
Spirits – all others 12 20


  • Svobody Beer also refers to a location. "Svoboda" means "freedom" in Czech. "Svobody Beer" is supposed to mean "Freedom Beer" or "Beer of Freedom." However, the proper Czech term would be "Pivo svobody" or "Svobodné pivo".
  • The description for Nye's Rye is a reference to William Sanford Nye, popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, who also appeared on the American TV show Dancing with the Stars.
  • Akuma Shochu may be based on Kirin's Takuma Shochu. The name "Akuma" may be a reference to the character Akuma from the Street Fighter series, and the description "combination punch to the head and kick to the gut" may be a reference to combos used in such fighting games. The term "Akuma" (悪魔) means "Devil" in Japanese.
  • In the description for Welsh Whiskey, lechyd da! Ble mae'r toiled? means "Cheers! Where is the toilet?"
  • The "Dai-Taiga" beer seems to have a typo in its name on the cans; the label reads "Dai-Taga."  "Taiga" 大河 means "great river" in Japanese. "Dai" 大 also means "large."
  • The bottle texture for the Kylmyster Canadian Whiskey reads "Kylmister" rather than "Kylmyster." The term "myster" may be based on the real-world Jägermeister brand, however, the full name is likely to be a reference to Lemmy Kilmister, the whiskey-loving frontman-bassist of Motörhead.