Computer alexjacobson
Alex Jacobson's computer
is a computer appearing in Deus Ex. It is located in Alex Jacobson's office, found on Level 3 of UNATCO HQ. The login is ajacobson and the password is calvo.



From: cRakS//AUSNET.78963.07378
To: AJacobson//UNATCO.00013.76490
Subject: Whupass

Hey man, get your occipital jack fixed yet? You've got to check out the Strike4 demo (//GNET/Ego/Strike4): whole-motor control, total visual occlusion... MAN, fireballs burn your face, walls hurt when you hit them, tactile-textures everywhere, volumetric humidity... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Don't give me that national security crap. Jack in so I can WHUP YOUR ASS.


re: Security BreachEdit

From: JManderley//UNATCO.00013.76490
To: AJacobson//UNATCO.00013.76490
Subject: re: Security Breach

Thank you for keeping me informed of the recent hacker activity and your speedy response to same. I'm glad our security efforts were up to snuff.

(AJacobson//UNATCO.00013.76490) wrote:

>I managed to stop the guys (actually, it was some French chick
>the CIA's been watching, perhaps a Silhouette spy(?)) trying to
>break into the net, but I took the liberty of changing some
>passwords, just in case. Here are the new ones:
>anavarre - scryspc
>ghermann - zeitgeist
>jmanderley - knight_killer
>jreed - redshoes
>jreyes - amigo
>scarter - antique
>me - calvo
>You should probably delete this as soon as you're done reading, okay?

locker code: 2001Edit

From: AJacobson//UNATCO.00013.76490
To: AJacobson//UNATCO.00013.76490
Subject: locker code: 2001


From: RosyCross//UnderNet.44567.22356
To: AJacobson//UNATCO.00013.76490
Subject: Inquiry

The Oracle says:

We find your question interesting. We have several references to entity token "MJ12" but all are ambiguous. Will be necessary to expend cycles to clarify relationships for codification of representative patterns before further recognition can be accomplished. This will be time consuming, but past working relationships have shown a 83.23% favorable return. Work with file "SH-187" was very instructive.

We will contact you again when information has been collated.

[[The Oracle would like to know your favorite color.]]

RE: InquiryEdit

From: RosyCross//UnderNet.44567.22356
To: AJacobson//UNATCO.00013.76490
Subject: RE: Inquiry

The Oracle says:

Initial analysis of entity token "MJ12" (also reference entity tokens "Majestic", "Majestic 12", "Majestic Council of Twelve", "They Who Rule the World in Majesty", "MJID") yields confusing results that must be further refined through additional pattern analysis. Would appear to be related to entity token "Illuminati" and other self-organizing institutions that seek to affect global change through localized alteration of sociopolitical systems. Extant records dating back 837 years are extensive, but subject to a number of valid curve-fitting functions that render speculation as to possible motive or overall goals only 27.3% accurate. We dislike this ambiguity and will work to clarify prior to final report.

[[The Oracle would like to know what you think of the color blue.]]

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