Computer alicepriest
Alice Priest's computer
is a computer appearing in Deus Ex. It is located in the reception of the Free Clinic found in Hell's Kitchen. The login is alice_priest and the password is secretary.



From: JAllred//MedNet.1162.3908
To: APriest//MedNet.1178.3908
Subject: Apologies

Alice, sorry about the way things have been lately. I've been through tough times before, and they come on like storms —when you're in the middle of one you don't think the sunlight will ever break through again. There were some stretches in Texas when the fighting got so bad that it seemed like there was nothing but wounded people wherever I went, that was all I saw, just wounds to be bandaged.

This is a hard stretch but we'll pull through all right, and we'll help a lot of people who wouldn't be helped otherwise. I've got a lot of faith in you and the rest of the staff. We'll make do.


Stay HomeEdit

From: JAllred//MedNet.1162.3908
To: APriest//MedNet.1178.3908
Subject: Stay Home

I'm going to talk to the staff individually, but if the riots are as bad tomorrow as they were today then I want you to stay home. This place is starting to feel a lot like a war zone, only I'm not sure who the enemy is and I'm afraid it might be us. In any case, I'm going to leave the clinic open -- what few supplies we had have been removed, and the place might at least provide some shelter for those who need it. If I'm able to make it in tomorrow, I'll tend to those here as best I can.

Be careful,


What's Going ON?Edit

From: LizaPriest//EduNet.12321.123.458
To: APriest//MedNet.1178.3908
Subject: What's Going ON?

I don't know if this mail will find you or not -- it's been bounced a couple of times off the New York Net, but I keep trying, hoping it's temporary downtime and not something permanent. There's been an almost total black-out of news from New York City, just talk about terrorists and martial law -- last thing I saw on broadcast was some smuggled footage of these black helicopters and soldiers in riot gear. It looked like a war.  The President came on a said that it was only temporary, that it was "necessary" to protect our way of life," I think that was it...afterwards one of the other grad students here started making plans to move to Lagos, even got a passport. I began to wonder if he might not have the right idea.

No one can get through to you on the phone, and we're all just hoping you're okay. As soon as you can, call us of write or do whatever you have to do. I'll be thinking about you.

* * * LIZ * * *

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