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Alli Gatornaut and the Robots of Venus is one of the eBooks in the System Rift DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found on the first floor of the Palisade Blade, inside one of the toilet stalls in the ladies toilet.

It contains a synopsis for a work of fiction about an anthropomorphic alligator astronaut named Alli Gatornaut.


By E. Kellen

After passing every test the space program could throw at her and causing over a dozen international incidents in Alli Gatornaut and the Space Camp Sleepover, the world's favorite raunchy alligator astronaut is back for another wild space adventure!

Alli Gatornaut and her wise-cracking second in command, Pufi McMoose set off on the first official exploration mission to Venus! They discover a planet filled with sexy robotic men and women who have been enslaved by a cruel king who wants to take over the Earth! It is up to Alli Gatornaut to put an end to this cruel master plan and bring happiness to the robot people of Venus!