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Alvarez Araujo is a character in Deus Ex: The Fall. He is a doctor working at the Underground Clinic in Panama City.


Described by Janus as having an "altruistic streak", Araujo is a former doctor who uses his medical expertise to help the destitute of his city. His work in the slums often leads to dealings with the Skulls gang who operate in the area--Joey for instance runs Riezene shipments for the doctor. This has led to investigations by the Panama police into Araujo's activities. A cop even describes Araujo as the "kingpin" behind the illegal Riezene distribution in Panama.

Ben Saxon visits Araujo in the hopes of anonymously securing some Neuropozyne. Araujo claims he doesn't have any and offers Riezene as an alternative. He then directs Saxon to seek Camila Cardoso, a doctor at the local LIMB clinic.

If Ben Saxon chooses to complete the "Ratting Out" side quest, he will be arrested by riot police forces because of illegal drug involvement.

If the player instead chooses to warn him, he will award Saxon with a Praxis kit. If returning to the clinic, Araujo will be gone.

CASIE Psychological Profile[]

The CASIE augmentation depicts Araujo as:

  • A person who responds well to straightforward approaches.
  • Has a curious mind and is prone to exaggeration.
  • Somewhat impatient and becomes frustrated easily.

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