This article is about the ammunition in Deus Ex. For ammunition in other games, see Ammunition.

This page lists all munitions in Deus Ex, along with their descriptions.

7.62x51mm ammo[edit | edit source]


Description: The 7.62x51mm (NATO) round was chiefly used by anti-terrorist units equipped with assault rifles for close-quarters combat until its widespread adoption among national security forces requiring enhanced combat responsiveness made it ubiquitous.

Used by: Assault rifle

10mm ammo[edit | edit source]


Description: With their combination of high stopping power and low recoil, pistols chambered for the 10mm round have become the sidearms of choice for paramilitary forces around the world.

Used by: 10mm pistol, Stealth pistol

12 Gauge buckshot shells[edit | edit source]


Description: Standard 12 gauge shotgun shell; very effective for close-quarters combat against soft targets, but useless against body armor.

Used by: Sawed-off shotgun, Assault shotgun

12 Gauge sabot shells[edit | edit source]


Description: A 12 gauge shotgun shell surrounding a solid core of tungsten that can punch through all but the thickest hardened steel armor at close range; however, its ballistic profile will result in minimal damage to soft targets.

Used by: Sawed-off shotgun, Assault shotgun

20mm HE ammo[edit | edit source]


Description: The 20mm high-explosive round complements the standard 7.62x51mm assault rifle by adding the capability to clear small rooms, foxholes, and blind corners using an underhand launcher.

Used by: Assault rifle

30.06 ammo[edit | edit source]


Description: Its high velocity and accuracy have made sniper rifles using the 30.06 round the preferred tool of individuals requiring 'one shot, one kill' for over fifty years.

Used by: Sniper rifle

Darts[edit | edit source]


Description: The mini-crossbow dart is a favored weapon for many 'wet' operations; however, silent kills require a high degree of skill.

Used by: Mini-crossbow

Flare darts[edit | edit source]


Description: Mini-crossbow flare darts use a slow-burning incendiary device, ignited on impact, to provide illumination of a targeted area.

Used by: Mini-crossbow

Tranquilizer darts[edit | edit source]


Description: A mini-crossbow dart tipped with a succinylcholine-variant that causes complete skeletal muscle relaxation, effectively incapacitating a target in a non-lethal manner.

Used by: Mini-crossbow

Napalm canister[edit | edit source]


Description: A pressurized canister of jellied gasoline for use with flamethrowers.

"The canister is double-walled to minimize accidental detonation caused by stray bullets during a firefight."

Used by: Flamethrower

Pepper cartridge[edit | edit source]


Description: 'ANTIGONE pepper spray will incapacitate your attacker in UNDER TWO SECONDS. ANTIGONE -- better BLIND than DEAD. NOTE: Keep away from children under the age of five. Contents under pressure.'

Used by: Pepper gun

Plasma clip[edit | edit source]


Description: A clip of extruded, magnetically-doped plastic slugs that can be heated and delivered with devastating effect using the plasma gun.

Used by: Plasma rifle

Prod charger[edit | edit source]


Description: A portable charging unit for the riot prod.

Used by: Riot prod

Rockets[edit | edit source]


Description: A gyroscopically stabilized rocket with limited onboard guidance systems for in-flight course corrections. Engineered for use with the GEP gun.

Used by: GEP gun

WP rockets[edit | edit source]


Description: The white-phosphorus rocket, or 'wooly peter,' was designed to expand the mission profile of the GEP gun. While it does minimal damage upon detonation, the explosion will spread a cloud of particularized white phosphorus that ignites immediately upon contact with the air.

Used by: GEP gun

NPC Ammo[edit | edit source]

Gray spit[edit | edit source]

Used by: WeaponGraySpit

Greasel spit[edit | edit source]

Used by: WeaponGreaselSpit

Mini-rockets[edit | edit source]

Used by: WeaponMJ12Rocket

None[edit | edit source]

Description: Made by the ABC Widget ACME Corporation

Special case ammo used by all melee weapons.

Used by: All melee weapons

Robot-rocket[edit | edit source]

Used by: WeaponRobotRocket

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