Ana Parapoviv's computer is located in housing unit #150420, one floor above Stedry Market in the southeast part of Golem City. The computer has a security rating of 2.


Test results Edit

From: Dr. Martine Onziema
To: Ana Parapoviv

Hello Ana,

I’ve processed the samples you gave me yesterday. Normally this would be the part where I say congratulations, but I know this isn’t the answer you’re going to want to hear. Regardless here it is. You are pregnant.

Now.sicIcon sic With the nursery closed it’s obvious we will have to get you out of Golem City if you plan on keeping the baby. Do you still plan on keeping the baby? I’m not going to preach but you know my feelings on this. Of course I respect that it is your decision. I only ask that you think of what it means if your decision is final.

I would refrain from telling Kal until we can work this out. Just remember that you’re not alone, Ana. I won’t let you down.

Your friend,

Notes Edit

  • While the surname appears to be "Parapoviv" as indicated on several pocket secretaries and e-mails, the computer name is instead spelled "Parapovic"
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