The computer in van Wesel's office.

Andrea van Wesel's computer is a computer found in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is located in the office of Andrea van Wesel (office number 34) in Sarif Industries Headquarters. The computer is unlocked so no login details are required.

E-mails[edit | edit source]

A little detective work[edit | edit source]

FROM: Frank Pritchard
TO: Andrea Van Wesel

Greetings, SHYNEFERRET. NUCL3ARSNAKE’s got an assignment for you.

It’s come to my attention that SOMEBODY has been stealing neuropozyne around here. For quite awhile. You know that stuff costs a fortune, so I suspect someone’s selling it on the blackmarket.


Feeling up to a little late-night detective work? I’ve got an intellicam that’s rigged to record while it’s INSIDE the lab’s freezer. But it’ll look strange if I get caught in there placing it. You, on the other hand, are always full of surprises.

You up for it?

Late Night Coffee Break[edit | edit source]

FROM: Ted Bruger
TO: Andrea Van Wesel

Andrea, you gotta tell me, WHat the hell WAS that the other night? First of all, I had no clue you were interested. And no idea you were still in the lab! But when I went to put the extra No-poz away and caught you reaching into the freezer--!!! Well, needless to say it was a VERY PLEASANT surprise

Thank God Rosellini didn’t walk in on us.

Overtime Policy[edit | edit source]

FROM: Athene Margoulis
TO: SI Global

It has come to my attention that many of you are logging overtime hours as we continue to work hard to meet deadlines. Because of this, I would like to remind everyone about Sarif Industries overtime policies.

For anyone exceeding eigth hours of work ina a single workday and/or 40 hours of work in a regulare work week: you are entitled, by law, to one and one-half times your regular rate of pay for all overtime hours worked. But we’d like you to consider an alternative option: a one-for-one exchange of overtime for paid vacation hours, once project deadlines have been reached.

Please inform your Unit Supervisor which option you’d prefer no later than Friday, 11 AM. If we do not hear from you by then, we will assume the second option applies.

Thank you for your time and dedication to keeping Sarif Industries alive.


Athene Margoulis
Executive Assistant
Sarif Industries

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