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Angela Gunn was a journalist operating in Prague until the late 2020s. In 2029, she is the victim of a "Harvester" murder where her augmentations are forcibly removed.


Angela Gunn is known for investigating politicians and writing political exposés. On one occasion, Angela investigated Radko Perry, a man who takes a strong anti-augmentation stance in public to win votes, but in private is not so extreme. Angela obtained physical proof of his real stance and was using it to blackmail him into dropping some of his anti-aug sentiments.

Angela admires the work of the dissident underground publication Samizdat, but she politely declined an invitation to join the group, as she didn't want to abandon her identity and go into hiding like the members of Samizdat have. She also apparently knows Little k personally, calling her Suzanne.[1]

In the publication titled "In the Footsteps of the Harvester," Angela wrote about the serial killer Marek Svobotka, known as "the Harvester," who murdered 27 augmented people in Prague in 2025. In the publication, Angela compares Svobotka's anti-augmentation views with the views currently being advanced by the United Nations. In a twist of irony, Angela is murdered by Daria Myška, who received implanted memories of none other than Svobotka and began performing almost identical murders herself.

Shortly after Angela's murder, the police names Angela's ex-husband Johnny Gunn's as the prime suspect, and assigns detective Karl Montag to investigate the case. A nearby scandalmonger suggests Radko Perry as a suspect. If Adam Jensen helps Montag with investigating Angela's murder, he can discover that Daria was the true killer.


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This character is involved in missions. SM10: The Harvester


  • SM10: The Harvester: Angela is found dead near Zeleň Apartments by the time Adam Jensen arrives on the scene. If Adam Jensen decides to help detective Karl Montag with the investigation, he must search for clues at the crime scene.





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