Anna Navarre is one of the two mechanically augmented agents working for UNATCO and Majestic 12 in Deus Ex. She sports extensive mechanical augmentation and is very loyal to UNATCO and Majestic 12. Anna is at first JC Denton's ally, but eventually becomes an enemy.


Navarre was born in Russia and trained as a commando by the Israeli army. She became extensively mechanically augmented, but she was already one of UNATCO's top agents even before she was augmented. Navarre believes that augmentations merely serve to enhance her abilities and that augmentations do not make the agent. Thus, Navarre has no fear of a "shelf-date" even when UANTCO has deployed more advanced, nanotechnologically augmented agents.

Navarre has killed several hundred people throughout her career[2] and favors a lethal approach when the situation warrants it. When Paul Denton jointed UNATCO's team, Paul disappointed her on several occasions due to his disdain for killing people.


In 2052, Navarre is JC Denton's first partner on the field. At Battery Park, Navarre gives JC the assignment of infiltrating Castle Clinton to recover a stolen crate of Ambrosia. Later, JC is assigned by to kill NSF leader Juan Lebedev at LaGuardia Airport. When JC finally reaches Lebedev, Navarre arrives on the scene to make sure that the assassination is completed. However, she is killed by JC Denton at the airport or in a subsequent confrontation.


Born in Russia, trained as a commando by the Israeli army, Anna Navarre is your old-fashioned cold-blooded killer. If she were crazy she'd be a homicidal maniac, but she's not. She's very in control, and only kills under orders... or if the situation warrants it. She has no sense of humor, and no concept for "forgive and forget." Anyone who so much as accidentally scratches her with a combat knife has got a life expectancy suddenly measured in seconds. Don't get the idea that Anna has a temper, though. She's always happy when she shoots someone. UNATCO relies on her in situations that are likely to become a major gunfight, or on missions where unflinching ruthlessness is required.

Unlike many of the mechanically-enhanced agents, Anna has no fear of a "shelf-date." She was one of UNATCO's top agents before she was "enhanced", and she considers her augmentations to be just that: something that augments her abilities, not something that she needs to do the job. She plans her rise to power to be ongoing and unstoppable.

Deus Ex official strategy guide, "Anna Navarre: Mech-Augmented UNATCO Agent"


While Navarre is suspicious toward her nano-augmented colleagues, she has a more open mind than her cohort, agent Gunther Hermann. Navarre will put up with JC Denton and will even compliment him, as long as JC get the job done in a lethal manner. Avoiding confrontation or using non-lethal methods will cause her to show disdain toward JC.


Navarre serves as the instructor for the stealth portion of JC Denton's training. At the end of the exercise, Navarre tells JC that they will be partners on the field: "I hope you remember this lesson, Agent. They have assigned us to be partners, and I will not stop to hold your hand and repeat myself when we are facing a real enemy."

Early missions

Navarre can be spoken to inside the UNATCO Headquarters during the second phase of the 1st mission. Navarre is suspicious of JC's abilities and tells JC that she does not expect him to perform as well as Gunther. Navarre will also comment on JC's sunglasses ("Don't tell me you're going to wear those sunglasses during a night operation") and outfit ("the mission will require us to do more than frighten the NSF with our baggy coats").

During the 2nd mission, JC's actions on the field will determine Navarre's opinion of him. At the start of the mission, Navarre will assign JC the optional objective of locating Ambrosia inside Castle Clinton. If JC earns a lethal reputation at Battery Park, Navarre will be pleased, telling JC, "You are not afraid to kill; I am pleased. The last thing I would expect from the brother of Paul." Then, if JC tells Navarre that he's learning as he goes, Navarre will provide two EMP grenades for the next task. Otherwise, if JC irritates her by saying "You mechs might have copper-wiring to re-route your fear of pain, but I've got nerves of steel," Navarre will provide only one grenade.

At the beginning of the 3rd mission, Navarre can be heard speaking with Joseph Manderley. Her dialogue will reflect her opinion of JC:

  • If JC completed the Battery Park mission with a lethal reputation, Navarre will be very enthusiastic about JC, telling Manderley that she recommends deploying JC to assassinate Lebedev because JC's enthusiasm in Battery Park was "exceptional" and that she believes JC will make a good assassin.
  • If JC completed the Battery Park mission with a non-lethal reputation, Navarre will request to be reassigned to work with Gunther, explaining to Manderley, "our tactics are incompatible." Understanding what she meant, Manderley will respond, "In other words, he didn't kill everything in sight."
  • If JC skipped the task at of locating the Ambrosia in Castle Clinton, Navarre will request to be reassigned to work with Gunther and complain that JC did not even complete his mission.

Confrontations with Navarre

Navarre is invincible prior to the meeting at LaGuardia. Afterwards, Navarre becomes killable. Killing Navarre eventually becomes a required objective if she remains alive. Navarre is the only character in the entire game that is required to be killed in order for the story to progress.

There are three encounters during which Anna Navarre can be killed. Killing Navarre affects later responses by Hermann and other characters.

  • Lebedev's 747 (3rd mission)
    • The first chance to kill Navarre is when JC is sent to assassinate Juan Lebedev in his private jet at LaGuardia. JC encounters Lebedev after speaking with Paul, who informs JC that he has been working with the NSF all along. If Lebedev is spoken to, Lebedev will try to convince JC to defect from UNATCO. After the first conversation ends, Navarre will barge in and order JC to kill Lebedev. At this point, you may choose to kill Navarre.
    • Note that in order to receive the full reward of skill points, Navarre must be killed while keeping Lebedev alive. Navarre's explosion when she dies can pose a hazard to Lebedev. Alternatively, you can place a LAM in the hallway just outside of Lebedev's room before you initiate conversation, which will kill her immediately with no need for a fight. If you kill her, Lebedev will be glad to see that you turned and says someone will contact you.
  • Escape to Battery Park (4th mission)
    • If Navarre was not killed in the 747, the next chance is at the end of the 4th mission, during which JC attempts to reach Battery Park to escape from UNATCO. If you manage to reach the Battery Park subway station, Anna will storm in and attack. She will tell JC, "We had such hopes for you and your brother. It would seem you are not as loyal as we expected."
  • Escape from UNATCO (5th mission)
    • The final encounter occurs during JC escape from UNATCO HQ. Killing Navarre here is required in order for the mission to progress, if she was not killed during any of the previous encounters.
    • Here, Navarre can be killed via her killphrase. The killphrase has two parts. The first part is on Navarre's own computer in the makeshift office on the way to the level 3 jail. The other part is on Manderley's computer. Once you have found them, JC will simply tell Anna "Flatlander Woman" and she will self-destruct. If her killphrase is discovered, the game will not give you a choice in whether or not to say it once you engage in dialogue with Navarre (in which case JC will automatically say the killphrase). However, you can still engage her in combat by damaging her before she gets a chance to talk to you.
    • It is possible to avoid Navarre's death using console commands, bugs, or exploits. However, even if her death is avoided by such methods, the story will consider her to be dead after the 5th mission.

When Anna is dead, Gunther Hermann takes the death of his partner personally. If Anna is killed at the airport, Gunther won't immediately realize and will assume that something went wrong on the plane. Eventually though, Hermann will catch up and he'll be in a very foul mood.

Gameplay attributes

  • Navarre has 300 HP for all body parts except for the head (400 HP).
  • She is immune to stun damage (inflicted by the riot prod), knock out damage (inflicted by the baton), and poison damage, even when no longer invincible. Since Navarre is immune to all forms of non-lethal damage, she cannot be rendered unconscious.
  • Navarre has the ability to cloak, which she uses when her health is at 100 or lower. Her cloaking ability can be disrupted by EMP damage.


  • Navarre and Hermann seems to have a kill tally competition going on between them, with the latter being on the lead. Navarre's score is nine hundred and nine, with JC Denton potentially being her nine hundred and tenth kill if he was defeated by her.[2]
  • Like Gunther Hermann, agent Navarre can be terminated by simply speaking aloud a killphrase specifically. As in Gunther's case, death only occurs after a few seconds, long enough for Navarre to express her fury ("How did you know-?!").


  • Navarre's killphrase, Flatlander Woman, is a reference to the novel Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott, about people living in a two-dimensional world, in which women are just lines. They are invisible when seen edge-on, and dangerous because they are very sharp and can inadvertently cut people in half. The killphrase is a reference to Navarre's cloaking power and her deadliness.
  • Interestingly, in the initial stages of character creation, Anna was left-arm-equipped with a modular unit containing a tray tactical 7.62mm NATO ammunition AutoCarbine.


  • "The machine would not make a mistake..."
  • "Don't tell me you're going to wear those sunglasses during a night operation."
  • "You are not afraid to kill; I am pleased. The last thing I would expect from the brother of Paul."
  • "The terrorists have wired the platform with explosives and put in hostages. Get the hostages out if you can, but make sure the NSF learns that human shields will not work against UNATCO."
  • "I have never had this much difficulty with a trainee in my life."
  • "I have told Manderley a thousand times: augmentations do not make an agent."
  • "How did you know..."



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