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Anonymous X is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. His real name is not revealed, it is only known that he works at the LIMB clinic in Hengsha, where he is met during the side quest Shanghai Justice.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution[]

Anonymous X does not seem like the other LIMB doctors and desk attendants that Adam Jensen encounters during his travels and is only seen working at the clinics reception desk during his appointment in the quest.

He was able to find the real autopsy report of Evelyn Carmichael, which was done by LIMB, and was contacted by Faridah Malik, who did not believe the official story of Carmichael's death and asked Jensen to investigate several leads.

When he is met to hand over the information, he seems to exaggerate his role as an informant, demanding a long code phrase and trying to stay as secretive as possible. The code is "Death and life have their determined appointments."


  • Anonymous X demands a payment of 1000 credits after handing over the information. Jensen can pay him or simply choose not to do so, without any apparent consequences. Jensen can also skip the conversation outright and loot the pocket secretary from his unconscious/dead body.
  • X is something of a stereotype; despite his attempts at being "smooth and suave", he is instantly recognizable as out-of-place, largely due to the "#chan" cap that he wears and his nervous demeanor.
    • The logo on the hat is likely a reference to a multitude of different image boards, where 'chan' is a common suffix and a number serves as the distinguishing prefix, the most notable example being 4chan.
  • His chosen alias, Anonymous X, is possibly a nod to the well-known hacker group which has a similar name.
  • His email,, hints a possible connection to the New Sons of Freedom as their email domain is @smashthestate.det.usa.