Anton Suchanek's computer can be found in a booby trapped, third floor apartment across from 33 Hlavní Apartments. It is unlocked.

E-mails Edit

RE: Fleeced those Dvali pigs! Edit

From: Hi0ctane@timestop.mail
To: Anton.Suchanek@tmail.mail

Uh, that wasn't a very smart idea, Tony. YouresicIcon sic putting me and my shop at some serious risk here. If Otar and those potato drinking goons find out isicIcon sic helped you fleece their system, they'll kill me. I like a happy customer as much as the next backstreet mechanic but I'd strongly suggest you delete this off your computer before you disappear. YouresicIcon sic going to be on the Dvali shitlist for a loooooong time.

From: Anton.Suchanek@tmail.mail
To: Hi0ctane@timestop.mail
Subject: Fleeced those Dvali pigs!

hahaa, the aug worked like a charm, Vaclav. Worth every credit. I decided to go through with it and leave the fuckers a parting gift like I was hoking at the op. If they can't disarm the trigger before the time runs out they literally chock on their money. That's assuming they're as dumb as I think they are. Maybe not. You know me, always a gambling man. Time to get out of this dump. Look after yourself, V.

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