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Aria Argento is a Task Force 29 agent and quartermaster operating in Prague in 2029.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Aria Argento served a stint in the United States Marine Corps before eventually being transferred. Some time before joining TF29 however, her right arm was augmented, making her and Adam Jensen the only augmented agents in the Prague-based Central European Division of TF29.

Due to a rare genetic mutation, Aria rejects her arm implant more quickly compared to a regular augmented person, especially when she is placed under stress, resulting in her needing a higher-than-normal intake of Neuropozyne. While this condition is used as a reason to not let her become a field agent, she will state the reasoning is more complicated. However, many believe it is the main excuse, as one e-mail will comment how uneconomical it is to not have her out in the field.

For now, she supervises the shooting range and gives Task Force agents tips on weapon usage. However, if Jensen talks with her after G.A.R.M., she will excitedly tell him she has been cleared for the field and has been assigned to Duncan MacReady's team. She further reveals Mac actually recommended her and told her she shoots better than anyone on his team.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Aria and Jensen are the only known American Task Force 29 employees working in Prague.
  • If Jensen got to TF29 without setting off any alarms after G.A.R.M., she will make an appropriate comment about it. However, perhaps due to a bug, if you talk to her after you talked with Miller or the second time, she will act like you set off alarms and/or killed cops while getting there.
  • If/when you travel to Překážka after you come back from the Útulek Complex in golem she will tell you about The Harvester even if you have already done it

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Aria is apparently part-Italian as evident by her surname (silver in Italian) and the poster of Tuscany in her office. Also, her name is very similar to Asia Argento, an Italian actress.

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