Arthur Jensen is Adam Jensen's adoptive father.


By the year 1990 (age 21), Arthur met and married Margie Jensen.[notes 1] The couple lived in Michigan, United States. There, Arthur worked as security at White Helix Labs, officially a research facility for childhood genetic diseases, but in reality the company performed experimental genetic therapy treatments on young children. It is unknown if Arthur knew about the real purpose of the Labs. Arthur relied on the Labs' insurance policy to pay for Margie's medication.[2]

Arthur also served in the US Army and took part in the Operation Desert Storm in the Middle East in 1991.[notes 2]. He maintained connections with his fellow Desert Storm veterans.

As of 2027, Arthur and Margie are both alive and located in the Detroit area.[3]

Adopting AdamEdit

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Jensens tried adopting kids from several Michigan agencies, but Margie was deemed unfit as a parent due to her medication.[2]


  1. This e-mail refers to Margie as Arthur's wife, implying they had been married for at least 8 years before Labs' destruction in 1998.
  2. Arthur's participation in the Desert Storm is implied in this e-mail Given that Arthur worked at White Helix Labs for at least 8 years up until the Labs' destruction in 1998, and Desert Storm took place in 1991, he was probably mobilized to Army during his work at the Labs.


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