DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

"The truth is, when you've been under for long enough..? You only feel like an impostor out here, in the real world."
— Singh about working undercover

Arun Singh is an undercover agent of Interpol who infiltrated the Jinn cartel to gather intel on their activities. Singh is the protagonist of the comic Deus Ex Universe: The Dawning Darkness, which serves as the prelude to the first mission of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


As of 2029, Singh has spent three years undercover in the Jinn cartel. During this time, Singh made a good impression on Jinn leader Salar Alam, who tells Singh that his future with the Jinn is bright.[3]

When the arms dealer Sheppard, who has been Task Force 29's target for a while, contacts the Jinn and offers to sell them black-market weapons and augmentations for cheap, Salar tasks Singh to handle the buy. Singh arrives in Dubai, where the deal is to take place, and selects the abandoned Desert Jewel Resort Hotel as the site for the deal. Singh Contacts Sheppard and asks Sheppard to send one person to discuss the details of the deal. However, when Sheppard instead sends three persons instead of one, Singh kills all three of them without hesitation and tells Shepard that the Jinn fear no one.[3][4]

Singh sends a tip to the Interpol so that they can send a squad to intercept the deal and arrest Sheppard. The Task Force sends the Prague team including Adam Jensen.[3]

The deal, going on in the abandoned Desert Jewel Resort Hotel in Dubai, is suddenly ambushed by gold-masked mercenaries, and Singh is caught in heavy fire. Jensen is tasked to protect Singh.

If Singh survives the ambush, Singh goes back undercover. The plan is to transfer Singh to a TF29 black site prison, where he will stage a prison break along with the captured Jinn survivors. If Jensen was able to disable the signal booster at the Dubai hotel, the Task Force Singh will successfully reintegrate himself within the Jinn.[5]

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  • If Singh survived Black Market Buy, after Jensen later returns to TF29 HQ after Golem City, he can learn from MacReady that Singh is gathering intelligence in Basra with no success, regardless if he deactivated the jam the signal booster during that mission.
  • TF29 analyst Brian Rourke notes that Singh is a great poker player, and that he owes Singh a hundred credits.
  • In Deus Ex Universe: The Dawning Darkness, Singh is shown to have a cranial augmentation. However he does not have augmentations in the game.
  • Singh speaks English and Arabic.

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