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Ashani Talwar is the CEO of Palisade Bank Corporation. She founded the company with her husband, Masaaki Oshiro. Together they created the Palisade Blades that are used to securely store their clients' information. Due to her role in founding and running Palisade, she has gained international fame.[2]

Talwar is the de facto antagonist of Breach mode alongside her husband.


Ashani Talwar was born an heir to the Talwar Banking empire.[3] When she was a teenager, she was kidnapped from a hotel where she stayed with her family, presumably for ransom. She later wrote a book about this experience titled The Moment to Fight Back.

In 2014, she was listed among the wealthiest people in the world under 30 years old, along with her future husband Masaaki Oshiro.

She and Oshiro met in 2014 after a chance meeting in Switzerland, fell deeply in love and quickly married each other in a private ceremony. Together they decided to combine their passions of business and data protection, and went on to found the Palisade Bank Corporation in the Czech Republic.[3]

Ashani has an unrivaled mind for business which made her venture with Palisade such a success. Contrary to her public image, Talwar is in fact ruthless and manipulative. She attempts to gain as much power and wealth as she can attain.[2] One way that she does so is by keeping private information from clients such as the Picus Group close at hand, in order to use it against them.[4] She and her husband were involved in the cover up of Simona Saridakis' murder, who was close to having discovered that Talwar and Oshiro were using clients' information for a massive insider trading scheme. Talwar and Oshiro subsequently had Saridakis killed to avoid the information becoming public, and instead used her death to promote the reliability of Palisade's security features. Stanton Dowd figured out what was going on, and blackmailed them with that knowledge into making their clients' private information available to an external party, namely the Illuminati.[5]



  • Her name is Indian. "Ashani" means "thunder" or "lightning", and "talwar" in Hindi means a sword.

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