"The assault shotgun (sometimes referred to as a 'street sweeper') combines the best traits of a normal shotgun with a fully automatic feed that can clear an area of hostiles in a matter of seconds. Particularly effective in urban combat, the assault shotgun accepts either buckshot or sabot shells."
— description of Assault Shotgun, Deus Ex

The assault shotgun is a rifle skill weapon appearing in Deus Ex.


This shotgun model has a rotary cylinder-type magazine similar to that of a revolver.

This assault shotgun (and also sawed-off shotguns) was widely used in 2052.

Game itemEdit

The assault shotgun fires five pellets that do four damage. Each pellet's accuracy is calculated individually. Like the Sawed-Off, it can load both buckshot and sabot shells, making it effective for both human and armored foes.

The gun's magazine holds 12 rounds, which can be extended with clip mods.


  • Aim for the head. Enemies will be able to survive most pellets hitting their body, but most of the pellets hitting the head is fatal.
  • Boosting one's Rifle skill will make the Assault Shotgun much more useful. At Master Rifle skill level, the gun is 85% accurate and the recoil is much smaller than at Untrained or Trained levels. However, at low Rifle skill levels, the Assault Shotgun is very inaccurate and has extremely high recoil.
  • Recoil mods and upgrading one's Rifle skill level are essential for making the Assault Shotgun powerful. At Trained or lower Rifle skill without any mods, the gun's spread is so high that even at very close range, one or two pellets may miss.
  • Reload mods are also highly recommended because of its high reload time. Unmodded and with low Rifle skill levels, the Assault Shotgun reloads slow enough that the player is in serious trouble if they don't have any cover.
  • When the Assault Shotgun is modded and the player has a high Rifle skill, it is quite powerful. The gun fires fast enough and does enough damage that it can make quick work of close-quarters enemies and is accurate to be used reliably (but not as well as the Sawed-Off shotgun) at medium range.
  • The Targeting aug is useful for players at any Rifle skill level. Players with low skill levels can use it to make the Assault Shotgun somewhat accurate, while players with higher skill levels can use it to make the Assault Shotgun an effective medium-range weapon.
  • With sabot shells, the Assault Shotgun can quickly take out the spider bots, which are by far the most numerous and annoying bots in the game. The Assault Shotgun's automatic fire will make quick work of them.
  • An Assault Shotgun loaded with sabot shells be used to destroy cameras and turrets. Simply go behind or on the side of the camera or turret and open fire. After a few shots, the machine will be destroyed.
  • An almost-fully modded Assault Shotgun with high Rifle skill levels is one of the few firearms that can take on a karkian. Augs like Regeneration are highly recommended.


It appears to be based on the custom-built automatic shotguns that appear in The Matrix movie.


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