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Athene Margoulis is the Executive Assistant at Sarif Industries, and a highly trusted employee of David Sarif.


With a business degree from Boston University, Athene is a highly motivated and organized individual. She is also one of David's oldest friends. As such, she is in many ways David's first line of defense, and the gatekeeper to his office and time. She left a career in municipal politics immediately after David offered her the current position as Executive Assistant.[1]

In the aftermath of the Aug Incident, which left David Sarif missing, Athene was the first to resign from Sarif Industries. According to Francis Pritchard, she couldn't live with herself being part of the company after all the chaos.[2]


  • Athene is known to smoke. She can be seen smoking a cigarette near the cafeteria in the Sarif HQ building during the riot.

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