The first canister the player finds, at the top of Liberty Island.

"An augmentation canister teems with nanoscale mecanocarbon ROM modules suspended in a carrier serum. When injected into a compatible host subject, these modules augment an individual with extra-sapient abilities. However, proper programming of augmentations must be conducted by a medical robot, otherwise terminal damage may occur. For more information, please see 'Face of the New Man' by Kelley Chance."
— Description of augmentation canister, Deus Ex

Augmentation canisters contain special nanites that allow nano-augmented people to achieve feats considered impossible to regular humans. They are located throughout the world of Deus Ex, sometimes directly in the players path, and sometimes further off. Canisters contain two similar augments (excluding IFF, Light and Infolink) that are installed to one section of the body. There are 9 sections: arms, legs, head, eyes, 2 subdural areas, and 3 different torso sections. Most pairs of augmentations each give benefits for different players and situations, such as running faster vs. running silently, but once an augmentation is installed it can't be switched out with its counterpart, so the player should choose carefully. Canisters can only be installed by medbots, and take up 1 space of inventory, so the player should find a med-bot to install with. All augs, with the exception of the default 3 and Synthetic Heart, can be upgraded 3 times with a higher output or efficiency at each level through the use of an upgrade canister, which can be installed by the player without a med-bot at any time. If they miss a canister, one must remember that most augmentation canisters have a duplicate that can be found later in the game.


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