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Augmentation Psychosis is a psychological condition in some people who have received mechanical augmentations. As the augmented person realizes their reliance on mechanical assistance, they can feel a loss of control or a loss of their humanity, leading them to become irrational or even dangerous.

People affected[]

Ezekiel Sanders suffers from this condition. After having lost his left eye while on a tour of duty for the US Marine Corps, he was given a retinal prosthesis for his reenlistment. However, he began to doubt his humanity now that he had to rely on a machine, leading him to become dangerous and founding the anti-augmentation terrorist group Purity First.

This condition may be quite common with people who have augmentations, as William Taggart, a lifelong psychologist repeatedly uses this as his argument against Adam Jensen's accusation that he was involved in the kidnapping of Sarif Industries' researchers when Jensen confronts him.