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Augmentation Upgrade Canisters are usable items in Deus Ex. They are used to upgrade any augmentation by one level (except for the three pre-installed augmentations and the Synthetic Heart, which cannot be upgraded).


An augmentation upgrade canister contains highly specific nanomechanisms that, when combined with a previously programmed module, can increase the efficiency of an installed augmentation. Because no programming is required, upgrade canisters may be used by trained agents in the field with minimal risk.


An upgrade canister takes up one space in the inventory grid. Upgrade canisters can be used at any time by selecting an augmentation in the augmentations interface and clicking "upgrade." Unlike regular augmentation canisters used for installing new augmentations, a medbot is not required to use an upgrade canister.


A total of 19 upgrade canisters can be found in the game.

Mission Map Location
2nd Hell's Kitchen Osgood and Sons storefront, in a closet behind the left-side door, which is locked by a keypad
3rd Helibase In the secret room in the control room, opened by a switch near a plant in the corner
4th Hell's Kitchen In the secret area in Paul Denton's apartment, accessed by a keypad (4321) behind the painting
5th UNATCO HQ In Sam Carter's armory
6th Waterways At the west end of the collapsed tunnel (which is accessed via the freezer room vent in Old China Hand), on the body of a dead scientist
VersaLife Facility - Level 2 Labs In the UC chamber
Tong's Base After returning from VersaLife's Level 2 Labs, given by Jaime Reyes if he was told to leave UNATCO
8th Shipyard - Assembly Building and Ship In the the crew quarters of the freighter, in a locked safe in the laboratory. The laboratory is at the north end of the hallway on the main floor of the crew deck.
Cemetery In the safe hidden behind the "Dowd" plaque in the crypt
9th Chateau DuClare In the secret computer room in the basement, in a locked container (1784)
10th Morgan Everett's Home In Everett's lab, inside another locked container (code 6426)
11th Vandenberg - Command At the back of the communications building, in the second locker from the back wall
Vandenberg - Tunnels In the submerged area, locked behind a door at the bottom of the submerged stairway
12th Ocean Lab - UC Facility On the body of a Man in Black in the electrified water at the east side of the facility
Sub Base After returning from the Ocean Lab, given by Gary Savage if you saved Tiffany in the previous mission
13th Area 51 - Bunker In the basement of the comm building, locked inside a container (9378)
Area 51 - Sector 2 In the barracks, in the first chamber on the left (0169)
Area 51 - Sector 3 In station 17, which is accessed at the top level of the stairwell, locked inside a container (9378)
Area 51 - Sector 4 In the cloning bay, on the body of a dead scientist


  • Due to a scripting oversight, if the player has a full inventory when talking to Dr. Jaime Reyes in Hong Kong and/or when talking to Gary Savage when leaving the MJ12 Sub Base, the augmentation upgrade canister that would be given to the player will drop to the floor instead. This exploit can be repeated (by repeatedly talking to Reyes or Savage) to obtain an infinite supply of upgrade canisters. Because the script also attempts to fill up the player's inventory from the top-left, due to how inventory is handled, it can trigger a critical error and crash the game if over 250 instances are present (stacked on top of other items) in the inventory.
  • The game script indicates that during the game's development, it was planned that if Ford Schick is rescued during the first visit to Hell's Kitchen, he would later provide the player with an upgrade canister during the third visit to Hell's Kitchen. This would have increased the total number of obtainable canisters to 20. However, due to scripting errors, this canister is not obtainable.