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The Augmented Rights Coalition or ARC is an international group of augmented activists who are fighting for the fair treatment of transhumans. Officially formed in July 2028, ARC is a non-governmental organization but holds a considerable amount of political power in many countries due to the sheer number of people supporting the coalition. This power makes ARC a threat to groups who wish to further restrict augmented people.[1]


ARC begins as a set of loosely structured groups dedicated to helping recently augmented people deal with their transition. Following the Aug Incident, they restructure into an organization that aims to undo the violations of augmented people's rights. The group is led by Talos Rucker, an augmented humanitarian aid doctor. The coalition is headquartered in Germany, which is also the home country of Rucker.

Although ARC considers itself to be a peaceful organization, it is accused of numerous terrorist attacks beginning in 2028. These accusations are largely being made by right-wing media and politicians. Due to these suspicions, the anti-terrorist group known as Task Force 29, takes interest in them. Following the bombing of Růžička Station, Task Force 29 sends one of their members to the ARC base in Golem City to bring Talos Rucker in for questioning. It is unclear if ARC is actually responsible for these attacks. However, when questioned, Rucker admits that he suspects members of ARC are secretly behind them. He privately investigates the attacks in an attempt to locate the real terrorist and prevent them from further tarnishing ARC's reputation.[2]

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