Australia is a country depicted in the Deus Ex series. Australia serves as a setting for the novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect and is mentioned in subsequent entries of the series.

As with other countries, the history of Australia in the Deus Ex series may be assumed to be divergent from that of real-world Australia starting at around the late 20th century or early 21st century. In the late 2020s, Australia is in a state of civil war, and is divided between the Free States of Australia (FSA) and the South Australia Federation (SAF).

History in the Deus Ex series Edit

In 2017, Australia separates from the United Kingdom monarchy, becoming the Republic of Australia. New Zealand becomes an associate state six months later.[1]

Australian Civil War Edit

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Sometime in the 2020s, a petrochemical conglomerate from Victoria, serviced by Belltower, discovers oil under an ice shelf in Australia-held Antarctica. Political tensions that were already in place across the nation grind against each other. The north, siding with Chinese interests after the same resources, forms the Free States of Australia. Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, and a handful of other territories form the South Australian Federation (SAF).[2]

The Free States of Australia, labeled as rebels, disputes the SAF's refusal to release control of the oil resource.[3] A third of the Australian Civil War is waged by private military contractors such as Belltower.[4] During Operation Rainbird, a military operation conducted by Belltower operation against northern forces, Ben Saxon's unit is nearly entirely destroyed. Operation Rainbird would play a role in Saxon's entry into the Tyrants.

After the Aug Incident of late 2027, the two sides enter into a ceasefire. However, the outback remains a disputed territory.

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Notes Edit

  • Despite the fact that Australia has declared itself a republic, the Australian still features the Union Jack as of 2029, as seen on display screens in the Task Force 29 Headquarters in Prague. Jim Miller's apartment also includes an Australian flag with the Union Jack.
  • Unreleased content in Deus Ex: The Fall suggests that Zaaphire Biotech's lab in Canberra was at one point planned to be part of the continuation of Deus Ex: The Fall.
  • In The Missing Link, a hologram display indicates that Ayers Rock is the site of a Hyron computer installation.

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