An automated security bot.

The automated security bot is a type of security bot in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


A small bot on four wheels, armed with a machine gun. Often they are kept behind doors marked "Security Bot" and generally not seen unless a security alert is tripped.


  • Tai Yong Medical HQ
    • Lower City Factory (2 bots)
    • Around the augmentations storage area on the bottom floor
  • Belltower dock
    • Cargo yard in front of the building (3 bots)
  • Omega Ranch
    • Courtyard in front of Megan Reed's laboratory (2 bots)
  • Panchaea
    • Hyron Core (4 bots)
  • Rifleman Bank Station
    • Detention Block B 2nd Floor (2 bots)
  • Picus communication center
    • Several bots located on the corridors' sides throughout the building (all re-programmable)


In The Missing Link, it is possible to lure bots in front of a fragile wall, then punch through it with the Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis. This will start an animation where a second bot is created, its "neck" is broken (as if there was a human standing there) and the player will receive the 45 XP "Hunk of Junk" bonus. The original bot will still be on the other side of the wall and can also be eliminated for 45 XP.

Deus Ex HR - The Connection of Dubious Whereabouts

Deus Ex HR - The Connection of Dubious Whereabouts

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