Autopsy Report: Megan Reed (DMPD Case: TA-00514) is an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is one of the eBooks the protagonist Adam Jensen needs to pick up to complete the Motherly Ties mission.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

CASE #: TA-00514
AUTOPSY #: 89D-124
ID #: 1685972

AGE: 32
PATH MD: Lorne


I have been appointed by the state to perform autopsies on the remains of multiple victims of the attack on Sarif Industries. This is due to the critical nature of the incident and the need for the state department to be fully aware of every detail without going through an endless array of bureaucratic forms and requests. This is in no way linked to the competence of local M.E., Dr. Gerald Campbell, and shouldn't be interpreted as such.


I. Vertebral injuries
A. Vertebrae in the neck area are displaced.
B. Abrasion of the bones consistent with severe and sudden stress of pressure.
II. Ligature Strangulation
A. Abrasions found in the neck area.
B. Hard to clearly verify due to severe burns, but throat seems crushed.
III. Severe burns
A. Extremely severe burns covering the entirety of the body.
B. Accelerant residue has been sent to Chem Lab for analysis.
C. Absence of fumes residue and ash in the lungs indicate burns are post-mortem.
IV. Toxicology report
A. Blood Ethanol - None detected.
B. Blood Drug Screen - No drugs detected.

CLINICOPATHOLOGIC CORRELATION: Cause of death is quick and intense snapping of the neck vertebrae combined with crushing pressure. Body was likely burned after the subject was deceased.

Dr. Dana Hall, M.E.

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