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"Ava is a helicopter pilot who roams from city to city. The WTO have tracked the helicopter on a number of occasions, but so far her origin and business are unknown. The leading theory is that she is gathering signals intelligence. She has even managed to hack into several municipal security systems. On occasion, she will glean information from bystanders, but she always contacts them electronically, never in person. Either she wants to be with her craft and ready to depart at a moment’s notice, or she is a computer-generated guise for someone or something that wants to remain hidden.

What most concerns the WTO is that her motives are difficult to explain in standard commercial terms. On the occasions where she has transported a passenger, she has done so free of charge, saying (her passengers report) that all she wanted in return was conversation. WTO Air Terminals have been put on high alert to capture the craft so that WTO officials can determine which organization is so expertly probing their communities for information."

Deus Ex: Invisible War description

Ava Johnson is a helicopter pilot who is active in 2072.


During the 2040s, Tracer Tong begins working on the AI project who later become Ava. In 2052 she flew from Hong Kong to Area 51 in search of JC Denton. She didn't find him and continues this mission for 20 years.

Shortly before the attack on Tarsus Academy, Ava's helicopter was circling around the city, not responding to queries. WTO, afraid of a terrorist attack, forced it to land. Ava hacked into the terminal's communication grid and connected with a holocom in the Greasel Pit. Her attention was called to Alex Denton. In return for saving her, she agreed to carry him to any place in the world for free, but she would continue her search there. However, she realizes the importance of her quest and doesn't want to take any risks by coming close to the mission site. Eventually Alex discovers that the person she is looking for is none other than JC Denton. When he meets JC, he explains that Ava is actually an AI construct.

Ava Johnson's backstory may involve the canonicity of Jock's survival. As Tracer Tong sent Ava during  the endgame of Deus Ex, it may hint that Jock canonically perished due to the bomb planted at Morgan Everett's estate -- if Jock canonically survived, it would seem frivolous that he would send another pilot. It may be also possible that Jock died during the Collapse, or simply retired.