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BH or BH facility refers to an Illuminati black site facility in the Baltic Sea. BH serves as a base for Shadow Operatives, as well as a site for nanotechnology research. The facility is mentioned in various correspondences in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The meaning of "BH", which could be a code name or acronym, is unknown.


After Panchaea's collapse, an Illuminati-controlled recovery team retrieved Adam Jensen’s body from deep underwater regions of the structure amid pieces of the Hyron Project. Jensen's body was then secretly sent to an unnamed black site facility in the Baltic Sea, presumably BH, for identification and study.[1] Jensen would wake up one year later in Facility 451, a different facility located in Alaska.

Vadim Orlov, who installed experimental augmentations in Jensen's body, worked at BH. According to a correspondence written by Orlov to a colleague, BH is a site for research into the human DNA's acceptance of nanotechnology, and the research at BH is far more advanced than research conducted at Tai Yong Medical. The correspondence also indicates that BH is off the mainland around Tallinn, Estonia.[2]

Similar to G.A.R.M., BH serves as a base for the Illuminati's gold-masked mercenaries, also known as Shadow Operatives. In autumn 2029, the Illuminati deploy Shadow Operatives based at BH to Dubai, in order to ambush an arms deal between Sheppard and the Jinn. The ambush surprises Jensen's TF29 team, who were already present to intercept the deal, but results in heavy losses for the Shadow Operatives. Later, Viktor Marchenko requests additional troops from BH to supplement his existing troops at G.A.R.M., in preparation for his upcoming attack on the Apex Centre in London.[3]


  • The name "BH" also appears on Adam Jensen's ID card in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The ID card displays the classification "BH-847-M4."[4] The "BH-847" part is spoken by Prague police when performing ID checks on Jensen. No explanation for the origin or meaning of this classification is given.

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