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Chapter 2 - Back in the Saddle
Six months have passed since mysterious black op mercenaries attacked Sarif Industries, destroying labs and murdering the company's top researchers. Although nearly killed in the attack himself, Jensen has been called back to work in the middle of his post-op recover. Seems his boss, David Sarif, needs the newly-augmented Jensen's skills to protect the firm from yet another crisis...

M1 - Back in the Saddle is a mission in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Primary objectives[]

Meet with Pritchard in the Tech Lab[]

When you finish watching the opening credits you will be in the lobby. Go up the stairs and take a right. Speak to Pritchard, and he will fix your retinal display. You can also choose to confront him on a statement he makes. You will get several options to either keep confronting or let it go. This section is just an introduction to dialogue, so there are no consequences. The second ebook is just to the right of Pritchard, in front of the second and third monitors.

Go to the Helipad[]

Go to the back of the building either past the cafeteria or through the corridor below and enter the VTOL. You have 15 minutes to do so before Sarif notifies you over the Infolink that the situation has become worse. You will be reminded to hurry up by Sarif at the halfway point if you are taking too long.


  • The hostages in the next mission can die if Jensen takes too long to reach the VTOL.