For an overview of riot baton models in various games, see baton.

"A hefty looking baton, typically used by riot police and national security forces to discourage civilian resistance."
— Description of baton, Deus Ex

The expandable baton is a weapon in Deus Ex.


The expandable baton is a non-lethal melee weapon used by peace-keeping and riot-control forces all over the world in 2052. It's composed of a cylindrical outer shaft containing two telescoping inner shaft that lock into each other when expanded. The shafts are made of steel and a few whacks can knock a target unconscious.


Baton 1

Holding a baton

  • Unlike most melee weapons, the baton does not do any extra damage when it hits someone's head. Body shots actually do more damage than a headshot does because hitting something's body will always do double the damage (with any weapon, not just the baton), while a headshot has no damage multipliers. The riot prod has this trait as well.
  • The baton is the basic melee weapon for non-lethal players. While it is only slightly stronger than the combat knife, its ability to knock out enemies instead of killing them makes it much more useful.
  • The pepper gun and baton make for a very powerful combination. If an enemy is hit with pepper spray, they will be inflicted with the "stunned" status. Being in the stunned status means that the target will take four times the amount of damage than they usually would from an attack. By spraying a target beforehand, the player can make it much easier to take down someone with the baton due to the damage multiplier and the target being unable to fight back while getting hit with the baton.
  • The riot prod also inflicts stun damage, but the prod does enough damage that it can knock enemies without having to switch to another weapon.
  • Combat Strength is a must-have for anyone that wants to use the baton. The increased damage from the aug gives it a major damage boost, especially at high aug levels. Combining it with the pepper gun is a very good idea.



The Shifter mod contains a unique baton called Blackjack. It is a regular baton filled with lead by Paul Denton, dealing more damage while still being nonlethal. Blackjack can be found in one of three locations depending on the player's actions:

  • In Paul's apartment during the first visit to Hell's Kitchen if the player has been mostly non-lethal so far in the game: Paul leaves it with a note indicating his approval.
  • On Paul's dead body in the Majestic 12 lab under UNATCO HQ.
  • In the lobby of the 'Ton Hotel on the final visit to Hell's Kitchen.
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