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For an overview of riot baton models in various games, see baton.

"A heavyweight polyurethane baton. Ideal for non-lethal incapacitation."
— description of Baton, Deus Ex: Invisible War

The Baton is a weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


Side-handle baton is a heavyweight polyurethane baton with a short side handle at a right angle to the shaft. It's a non-lethal melee weapon commonly used in 2072 by guards or troopers (like SSC or WTO) to the detriment of the expandable baton found in Deus Ex.


The baton is a side handle baton. The fire key makes the player quickly hit something with the short end of the baton. If the fire key is held down, the baton will be swung very fast. If the Baton is used to defeat a foe, they will fall unconscious. However, the Baton has very low range.


  • The Combat Strength aug greatly enhances the weapon's strength, making it very useful throughout the entire game. Everyone, from thugs to Illuminati Elite Troopers, will be defeated with a handful of quick blows from the Baton, especially if the player aims for the head.
  • To get a very effective weapon before entering the Seattle hubs, combine the Baton with a level 3 Combat Strength aug. A level 3 Combat Strength is easy to obtain, as the player can spend all of the biomods they get at the labs in the Seattle Tarsus Academy to max it out instantly.
  • Using and maxing out the Electrostatic Discharge aug will make the baton as effective against mechanical foes as it is against organic ones. Still, it will set off the alarms on cameras, so Mag Rail secondary fire mode, EMP grenade secondary fire mode or Spy Done biomod might be a better alternative.
  • Being a silent weapon, a combination of maxed out Combat Strength, Electrostatic Discharge and Speed Enhancement biomods opens wide tactical possibilities. Player can quickly approach and either knock out whole groups of enemies (of any type) or knock out, grab and retract single target, before anyone not visually observing the act can notice anything. Player can also quickly circle-strafe around the foes (especially bots), while laying down a quick barrage of Baton hits, defeating the foe before they can react. It will also make it easier to avoid the Illuminati Elite Troop's poison gas attack after they die.
  • Use against Templar V68A power armor is discouraged, as this will trigger self-destruct in close vicinity to the player. Player may wish to use Speed Enhancement to outrun them or resort to other methods.