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Battle Rifle Ammo (Osprey Ammunitions GmbH 7.62x51mm NATO) is the ammunition used by the Battle Rifle or its variants in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


Type Image Compatible weapons Buy Price Sell Price In-Game Description
Regular DXMD battle rifle ammo regular Battle Rifle
Elite Battle Rifle
25 credits 6 credits A box of 7.62x51mm NATO rifle cartridges suitable for heavy battle rifles. These full steel jacketed lead-core rounds provide great penetration and damage potential.
AP DXMD battle rifle ammo ap Battle Rifle
Elite Battle Rifle
Lancer Rifle
50 credits 12 credits A box of armor-piercing 7.62x51mm NATO rifle ammunition has been designed to deliver extra-penetrating power against heavily armored targets, including robots.

For information on ammo types, see ammunition. For additional gameplay information, see the corresponding article for the weapon. Prices listed above are prices per ammo round.

Notable Locations[]

Regular Ammo[]

Armor Piercing Ammo[]

  • A total of 80 rounds can be purchased from Mikael Mendel, 20 rounds on the first visit to Prague, and 30 rounds on each of the second and third visits to Prague.
  • 30 rounds are sold by Louis Gallois in Golem City.
  • 10 round are found in a hidden alcove in the Throat of Golem City. The ammunition is in the same weapons case that holds a Lancer.
  • A total of 42 rounds can be found throughout ARC HQ, as well as a second Lancer that is loaded with 5 rounds (despite the Lancer having a magazine size of 3).
  • 10 rounds are found in the Tarvos corporate vault in the Palisade Property Bank.
  • 10 rounds are found in unit #95 in the Dvali Apartments, above the TV. A Lancer is located in the same room.
  • 10 rounds, as well as a battle rifle loaded with 6 standard rounds, are located in a weapon's case hidden above the workshop area of Chikane's place.
  • If all optional objectives were completed in M1: Black Market Buy, during the third visit to Prague, 10 rounds will be found in the Jinn stash, in the storage unit with double doors near the pedestrian bridge. A Lancer is also found in the stash.
  • In London, 10 rounds are found in the CSO office, in a weapons case, together with 10 regular rounds.
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