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Billion Dollar Daydreams is part 3 of biographical series on Nathaniel Brown, continued with part 4 "City as Product" and part 5 "Port in a Storm". It appears as an eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and can be found in GARM Hangar 1, on a counter in the center of the crane control room.


Part 3 of Devine James' biographical series on Nathaniel Brown

By 2005, the rapidly expanding Santeau Group was experiencing an unexpected and disorganized tumble of success. Yet the stigma of corruption and a bad reputation for the environment continued to dog the French giant. Chaos in the boardroom grew worse with the arrest and public trial of Jacques Lafayette in 2006. Santeau desperately needed a fresh face.

In the U.S., Nathaniel Brown was still fighting his own losing battles. Clearly successful in the construction industry, he was becoming more famously reported for his expanding interest in clean, future technologies and a passion for the burgeoning area of 3D-printing. Yet while the public reacted positively to Brown's camera-friendly persona and smooth-articulation of the future, industry peers and investors weren't so willing to ignore the cost of such progressive thinking.

This cautious response to Brown's "billion-dollar daydreams" already had the industrial visionary casting his gaze overseas by the time Santeau extended their interest. For Brown, the decision to join their board of directors was a short and serendipitous move.