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Biocell in 2052

Bioelectric cells are items in Deus Ex, used to recharge JC Denton's bioelectric energy. Bioelectric cells are single-use items that take one space in the inventory grid. Multiple cells will stack in the inventory. A maximum of 30 cells can be held in the inventory at one time.


A bioelectric cell provides efficient storage of energy in a form that can be utilized by a number of different devices.
<UNATCO OPS FILE NOTE JR289-VIOLET> Augmented agents have been equipped with an interface that allows them to transparently absorb energy from bioelectric cells. -- Jaime Reyes <END NOTE>

Recharges 25 energy units.

In 2052, bioelectric cells are used to energy for a variety of purposes. They use Matsu-Gravas's widely adopted LITE standard[1] and are "off the shelf" components used to power other devices such as the MJ12 Obsidian power armor.[2]


Each bioelectric cell recharges the player's bioelectric energy by 25 points (which is 25%). Bioelectric cells are one of two ways to regain bioelectric energy, the other being the use of a repair bot.

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